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I was very sick for several years with a chronic illness that left me wheelchair bound. I gained a lot of weight and lost most of my strength. When I started with Karen, I had the small goal of carrying my laundry up and down the stairs without straining. Now, I am training for a 10k, actively engaged in a martial arts class, and still working out with her. The neatest thing about her classes is that they were gentle enough for me when I was new and still challenging now that I am fitter. She is great at throwing out modifications to make things harder or easier as you need. I love training with Karen!
Saundra Bishop
Working part time from home with my toddler son, I was finding it difficult to fit in exercise around our busy schedule but then I found Brookland Baby and Me Bootcamp and it changed everything! Not only is it a great workout – but the class is filled with an incredible supportive group of Mom’s (and Dad’s!) Being able to bring my son with me, not having to find child care, and having him see me first-hand doing something good for myself has been so great. Plus – he gets to join in on the fun!
Jen Walsh
I've been doing the morning Small Group bootcamp twice a week with Karen for almost a year now. I'm a huge fan of these bootcamp style workouts, I prefer fast-paced workouts and Karen changes the workout every session so I never get bored. I have seen a lot of progress over the past year- the most major being increased energy, I am noticeably stronger and more toned, and I sleep better. It has helped me improve my running by incorporating strength training into my weekly workout routine, which is something I struggled with before. I've really enjoyed working with Karen, and highly recommend Brookland bootcamp!
Julia Rowe
Karen is a dedicated and motivating fitness instructor who has consistently led me to gains in both strength and endurance. I believe her workout program goes beyond simply building muscle mass to provide balanced, whole-body fitness. If you've reached a plateau in your regular workout program and want to get your fitness over the hump, I recommend Karen's exercise program.
Josh L.
I have loved going to this class on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can bring your kids and it's a great workout!
Christina Robbins

I can't recommended this class highly enough! Started attending Karen's Baby & Me Bootcamp after my second child. Having two under-two made getting out the door tough, and working out near impossible. I had every excuse in the world to not go, but I'm so glad I went to the first class! It not only got me moving again, but introduced me to an entirely new way of working out. Previously I was only running or doing cardio; this class not only hits cardio, but introduced me to strength training using bands/body weight with a focus on core strength--which was essential to my postpartum recovery. Karen is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about working out and it comes across in her classes. I feel so much better and am grateful to have found a way to workout with my kids.
Liz A.
It’s tough, it’s encouraging, it fits my toddler’s routine and my husband and I both like the results! I love so many things about this class: Each workout is challenging and different from the last. Karen thoughtfully plans circuits with new moves or new combinations of moves. She challenges us to try heavier weights when we’re ready and shows us how to modify a move when we’re not. I don’t have to figure out childcare for my son – I can just bring him along. It’s an encouraging environment. We get to know each other, and we root for each other – not just in our workouts but also as fellow moms. I see results. Within just a few weeks of going regularly, I felt stronger and I looked stronger.
Stacy Vidal